Things Every House Should Have: Home Checklist

a bed with a white sheet and pillows

After moving into a new property, people unpack their boxes and purchase furniture and decorations that suit their tastes and interior design ideas. When making a dream house into a home, homeowners should be sure to buy essential items that are necessary for comfortable everyday living. Keeping a personal checklist of must-haves for each room enables homeowners to buy everything they’ll need to live in a safe, functional, and inviting environment.

Essential items to have not just during a move-in, but at all times, are light bulbs, trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, kitchenware, bath towels, washcloths, linen and bedspreads, pillows, and essential toiletries. Homeowners should keep a stock of light bulbs, as they are crucial in every room and can blow out at any point. Purchasing an efficient brand of light bulbs enables homeowners to use less energy and save money on their power bills. People should also stock up on trash bags, as they don’t expire, and it’s easy to generate household trash. Toilet paper, shower supplies, toothpaste, and other hygiene products are vital to have at home.

To maintain home safety, people should get the necessary equipment. A must-have safety device is a smoke alarm, considering that an estimated 65 percent of fatalities caused by home fires occurred in houses that lacked a functional smoke detector. Fire extinguishers are essential to put out kitchen fires that may start. Homeowners should inspect their extinguishers, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors regularly. Households should have fully stocked first-aid kits that are easy to access during emergency events and injuries.

There are some housekeeping tasks that people should complete every day. To maintain household cleanliness, homeowners should purchase vacuums cleaners, carpet fresheners, mops, brooms, dustpans, sanitizing wipes, toilet bowl cleaners and brushes, sponges, dish detergent, wash rags, and more.


The exterior maintenance of a home is as crucial as the interior upkeep. Keeping the windows and gutters clean is a vital chore. For such a task, homeowners should rely on the services of a professional cleaning company, such as Labor Panes. Labor Panes is a company known for paying attention to detail and quality when pressure washing Charlotte homes. Skilled professionals on Labor Panes’ cleaning teams perform window washing, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing services and more that result in clean, aesthetically pleasing home exteriors.

Home entertainment systems can help make houses enjoyable for every member of a household. Televisions and music and sound systems are excellent purchases that can liven up gatherings between friends and family members. The Internet makes streaming television shows and downloading music possible. Additional tasks that require connection to the Internet include significant activities such as distance learning, seeking jobs, and online banking.


Wi-Fi routers turn the Internet connection from service providers into a home wireless network, allowing users to complete online tasks via home computers, smartphones, and other devices. Different models of wireless routers have different capabilities. People can find routers on sale on the Newegg website. Newegg is a technology e-retailer that offers a vast selection of electronics, entertainment, gaming, and smart home products to its customers who have registered accounts on the site. Using Newegg, a high-rated company known for prioritizing excellent customer service, homeowners can choose a router model that will best fit the connected devices and Internet use in their households.

Some of the smallest items that homeowners may forget to purchase can contribute to the functioning of a household as much as appliances like a dishwasher, stove, oven, and washer and dryer set do. A checklist of essential products, supplies, and equipment needed in a house can keep people from forgetting must-haves.