5 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Neater This Summer


The beginning of summer is the perfect time to finish up your spring cleaning, especially in the bedroom. An organized closet means a stress-free morning routine and extra storage space. If you’re interested in making the most out of your closet space, here are five easy and affordable ways to make your wardrobe neater this summer.

Get rid of anything that you haven’t touched in the past year. 

To declutter your wardrobe, start by throwing out clothes you haven’t reached for in over a year. This includes clothes that are too big or too tight, as many people tend to hold onto clothes that will inspire them to lose weight. If you’re currently dieting, consider storing smaller sizes until you’ve reached your goal.

Decluttering experts often recommend trying on every item in your closet to decide what pieces you really want to keep. Set aside a few hours and set up boxes for clothes you want to keep, sell, donate, and throw out. If your clothes are in relatively good condition, download a resell app like Depop or Poshmark to make some extra cash for clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Remove any non-clothing or non-accessory items. 

Your wardrobe can easily become a storage space for more than clothes, shoes, and accessories. Start by taking off any plastic coverings leftover from dry cleaning. To maximize your closet space, invest in thinner hangers and remove any empty hangers. 

Stacking and cascading hangers create even more space, but can be challenging to maintain. Before purchasing any kind of hanger, make sure you’ll be able to easily grab clothes from them.

Brighten the space with LED lighting.

If your wardrobe feels dull, add lighting. Investing in an LED closet rod can add more light to your closet, while simple LED lights are another affordable option. Stringing LED lights around your wardrobe can add a pop of life to your closet and make the area appear larger.

To add more flair to your space, hang up a few mirrors. Attaching mirrors to the door or the inside of your wardrobe to reflect light from the LEDs can make your space feel even bigger. For more closet decor ideas, check out Pinterest.

Expand with shelves.

Maximizing your storage space involves taking advantage of your floor space, extra shelves, and the door. Hang your long-hanging pieces at one end of your closet and your short-hanging pieces toward the other end to accentuate your floor space. Floor space is ideal for shoe storage or even a small dresser.

Although the top shelf is often used for storage bins, consider investing in a shelf divider to organize your clothes and accessories. Shelf dividers make it easy to grab accessories from the top shelf, so you won’t have to waste time sorting through bins.

Installing a wardrobe with accessories like shoe racks and trouser racks from Stegbar is another way to maximize your space. If your current storage space is lacking, installing a wardrobe can bring style and functionality to your home while allowing you to stay organized. Stegbar works with customers to create wardrobes using on-trend colors to optimize storage space.

Maintain your newly-organized space.

When you’re finished organizing your wardrobe and maximizing your space, step back to evaluate your closet. If you’re using all of your closet space, swap something out whenever you introduce a new piece or consider investing in a clothing rack to store new pieces.

If you need more space, sort through your clothes and decide what pieces are seasonal. Store clothes that you won’t be wearing during the summer, like coats, hats, and scarves. Make sure to re-evaluate your closet every few months to decide when it’s time to let pieces go.

All in all, organizing your wardrobe can eliminate hassle from your morning routine and help you optimize your space.