Throwing A Kids’ Party? 5 Things to Consider

a baby wearing sunglasses

Your child’s birthday is an exciting time and it’s most likely something they look forward to all year. You obviously want to throw your kid the best possible birthday party, but what’s important to consider before you do? If you’re planning a party, here are five things you need to consider.

Pick a Time and Place

Most likely, your kid would love to have the party on his or her actual birthday, but that’s not always possible. Bring out a calendar and decide with your child when the best time to have the party would be. If your child’s birthday falls on a Wednesday, let him or her pick the weekend before or after the birthday for the party. Then decide where you’ll have the party. Think about the kind of food and entertainment you’d like to have at the party, as well as how much work you would like to do. If you just don’t have the energy to host a dozen children, pick a local pizza place or bowling alley and book the party there.

Book Entertainment

If you’re planning to host the party at your house, make sure you have enough for your guests to do. You can search “bounce house rentals near me” to find affordable and easy rentals for the party. No matter how many kids you end up inviting, they’ll all leave exhausted and happy if you provide fun and energetic entertainment. You can also book a clown, balloon artist, or face painter for the party. Giving your guests a variety of activities to choose from will prevent any of them from getting bored or fighting over the entertainment.

Invite Guests

You can’t have a party without the guests! If you’re not sure how many kids to invite, you can follow the easy rule of adding one to your child’s age and inviting that many people. This means the older your child is, the more friends he or she can invite. Not sure how many kids your child should invite from his or her class at school? If your son or daughter wants to invite more than half the class, you should give invitations to everyone so no one feels purposely left out. Don’t forget to also consider what parents you’re inviting. You can check out the free public records to make sure everyone you’re inviting is safe to be around children.

Plan the Menu

You’ve got the time, place, entertainment, and guests. Now you need the food! If your party is being held at a venue with food, you won’t have to worry about this. If you’re throwing your party at home, talk with your child about what foods he or she would like to have. You’ll probably have to edit the child’s list a little, but try to incorporate at least one of your child’s requests. Make sure everything you serve is easy to eat and don’t feel compelled to provide a huge meal. Your party should only be around an hour and a half anyway, and if you hold it in the afternoon, you will not be expected to provide a lasting meal. Stick to finger foods and snacks.

Have Help and a Backup Plan

Most importantly, make sure you have at least one other adult there to help you, even if it’s one of the guest’s parents. Wrangling children to cut the cake will be a lot easier if you have assistance. You should also make sure you have a backup plan just in case. If your party is in your backyard, make sure you can move everything inside if it rains. With the right help and a good backup plan, your child’s party will go smoothly.

Throwing a kids’ party doesn’t have to be hard. If you remember to plan the details and not stress, your child will have an unforgettable time.