How to Prepare Your House for Airbnb

Prepare Your House for Airbnb

As a homeowner, opening an Airbnb is a great choice to generate an extra source of income. You can create an Airbnb with your own home or a rental house, apartment, or duplex. No matter the type of property you use, there are several things you can do to prepare them to list them on Airbnb.

Here are a few ways to prepare your house for Airbnb.

Clean everything.


The first thing you can do to prepare your house for Airbnb is to clean it. This includes de-cluttering, removing personal items, and sanitizing everything. You can do a deep clean before allowing your first guest to stay at your place. Additionally, you can wipe down surfaces that are touched most often such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops.

Revamp your place.

Moreover, you can take the opportunity to redecorate your home. You can do this by refreshing the paint, changing your accessories, bedding, curtains, and even kitchen appliances, for instance. You can even take this opportunity to create a working space in your home for those guests that work remotely, own a laptop, or simply need a space to write every night, for instance. Another thing you can do is change your flooring to vinyl plank flooring. Luxury vinyl floors will give your home just the touch your guests will love with durable scratch and waterproof protection that will last a lifetime, guaranteed.

Keep up with regular maintenance.


Another thing you can do to prepare your Airbnb property is to regularly maintain appliances and equipment such as your air conditioner and furnace. Regular HVAC maintenance like changing dirty filters and making AC repairs is important because it helps you save money and extend the life of your HVAC unit. You should avoid DIY AC repair as it may have fatal consequences to you and your home. Your HVAC system can have a warranty that becomes void the moment you go through with a DIY repair, and it can be more costly as well.

Change the locks.

Furthermore, you can change the locks to your home to smart deadbolts that you can change the keycode every time you get a new tenant. You can also add a lockbox to hold your keys with a code securing them. This way, whenever you get a new guest in your home, you can simply share the code with them when they first visit your home.

Provide the essentials.


You’ll also need to provide your guests with essentials such as toiletries, kitchen utensils, kitchenware, towels, bedding, and laundry detergent, among others. This will help you get better ratings on your Airbnb and keep your guests happy and prepared at all times.

Add a Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, you can add Wi-Fi to your home, protecting it with a password. Guests are now expecting Wi-Fi to be available everywhere they go. Most of their lives are on their smartphones and other electronic devices that require an Internet connection to function properly, and having Wi-Fi in your Airbnb can help them keep those devices running smoothly.

Prepare house rules.


Lastly, you’ll want to add house rules to your Airbnb property. This will help you establish order in your property. Your guests can be held accountable for their actions if they break these house rules. You can include things like maximum guest occupancy, pet policies, and quiet hours. You can also include notes like instructions, manuals, and passwords, for example. You should also leave your contact information so they can reach ut to you for any concerns regarding your property.

These simple ideas will help your Airbnb get good ratings as well as keep your guests happy.