How to Use Metal Prints to Spruce Up Your Home

a group of paintings on a shelf

Decorating is an important part of turning your house into a home. Your home should be a reflection of you and your family. While there are suggestions and guidelines for selecting the right piece for a specific space, artwork should be fun and add character to your home. Well-chosen wall art can help showcase the personality of the homeowner and define the space. The best thing about wall decoration is that it provides an opportunity to customize your living spaces completely.

There is no better way to highlight your personality in your home than with your own artwork or photo prints. One decorating trend that is gaining popularity is custom metal prints. Metal prints are like canvas prints, except that your favorite photos are placed on an aluminum sheet. As a part of your custom home decor, you can choose your favorite images with vibrant colors and have them made into a metal photo print to adorn your walls. Let’s take a look at how to use metal photo prints to spruce up your home.

Metallic Prints


Similar to ordering prints on a canvas or matte finish photo paper, metal photo technology allows your photographs and artwork to be printed on a durable piece of metal. Using a dye sublimation process, photos are infused onto polished metal panels to transform your work into high-definition prints. Metalic prints can provide a modern look that combines some of your favorite memories and a sleek aluminum finish.

The benefits of metallic prints are that they have a few display options, can be printed in custom sizes, are lightweight, and have better longevity than photo paper. Large metal prints can bring a modern touch to your walls while also having the same vibrancy as traditional prints. Metal photos also never rust, and the photos won’t fade as time passes.

Size and Theme


Just as with any print or framed picture, you’ll want to measure your wall to decide how big your metal print should be. You can choose sizes from as small as 4×6 to as large as 30×40. It’ll be important to determine the size and number of images before ordering your photos. You can choose to highlight a few of your best photos or divide one photo up into a series of panels. You might even decide on numerous sizes to create a photo mosaic display.

Depending on what room you are decorating and what style or theme you want to create, a metal print can set your walls apart. You might choose photos that highlight memories like vacation trips, holidays, your wedding, or your kids. You’ll also consider how your photos will look with either an easel back, float mount, or chrome stand-off display if you are into photography. No matter what size or style you choose, your home will be adorned with head-turning metal prints.

Decoration Ideas


A metal photo with rich colors will be the highlight of any room. You can choose prints that fit with a certain theme or aesthetic that you have already created. In a bathroom, kitchen, or den, you can choose metallic prints of landscapes, lakes, or oceans to create a spacious look. If you are decorating your child’s room with metal photos, you can let them take some photos or create artwork that would give them a sense of personalization. No matter where you are putting your metallic prints, they are sure to create a stunning look.

According to your preferences, taste, and aesthetic you are going for, you can transform any of your favorite photos or artwork into stunning metallic prints. A high-gloss metal photo could be the showstopper of your living space. Additionally, a metallic print can be given as a custom photo gift that you’ll enjoy for a long time. Metal photo prints make great home decor for any room in the house.