How Do Pumping Bras Work?

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Motherhood can be hard sometimes. The postpartum depression and other related challenges new moms face can be overbearing. Things become twice as hard if you’re a working mom balancing schedules and child care. Working from home with easy access to child care resources may afford you a little comfort. But it might not be enough when your baby starts crying for food in the middle of your workday. That’s where pumping bras come in. They can provide additional support whilst offering you the freedom to manage other tasks. But exactly how does a pumping bra work? In this article, we talk about what pumping bras are and their unique benefits.

What is a pumping bra?


Breast milk is the natural food source for babies and new moms often breastfeed babies about eight to twelve times each day. Quite often, some moms find it hard to keep up with this breastfeeding schedule and prefer to store breast milk, which sometimes becomes a challenge when there isn’t enough time. That’s where the pumping bra concept comes into the picture. Pumping bras allow busy moms to keep flanges in place while breast pumping.

These bras can be worn all day and are sometimes used as nursing bras. Several bra types exist, but when choosing the best pumping bra, think about your specific needs. For example, comfort might be the essential factor and it pays to consider breast size changes. Rather than going for a perfect fit, you can opt for adjustable bras that ensure easy nursing. And with regards to cleaning, there’s no cast in stone method, but it’s essential to wash your pumping bras after every two wears, as a general rule of thumb.

Benefits of using a pumping bra.


The benefits of pumping bras are endless. Every new mom can use such a bra based on their needs and thus, many of the benefits are individual-based. Some general benefits include:

1. It helps to save time.

If you’re a working mom, every minute counts. Any time wasted can disrupt your baby’s feeding schedule. Unfortunately, there is very little that workers can do to avoid impromptu work calls. The situation may even be worse for work-from-home moms. Bosses are often not privy to situations at home and emails with strict deadlines keep pouring in, which can steal you away from baby care.

That’s why it’s important to save breast milk. Using pumping bras can be a time-saver at work, allowing them to be more productive.

2. It helps with multitasking.

Generally, moms are multitasking individuals. At home, their regular day revolves around caring for everyone and everything. And most often than not, several of these tasks clash, requiring multitasking. You can talk of breastfeeding the newborn baby and helping out the older child with homework. Pumping bras can help mothers manage the stress of multitasking at home and allow moms to attach pumps easily to have free hands for other tasks.

3. It is convenient.

Many pumping bras come with comprehensive instructions in the packaging. This makes these bras easy to use for breastfeeding mothers. Beyond the ease of use, many moms find bras convenient.

4. It offers the right support.

Many pumping bras come with additional support for breastfeeding mothers. They cover the breast and reveal only the nipple. It’s essential to choose bras that optimize breast support.

To finalize, it’s fair to say that regular bras are not a bad idea for breastfeeding when juggling work. But if you have had to pull down your strap with one hand and hold your baby with the other, you know it can be a little difficult. Some mothers may end up ripping and ruining their bras. Using pumping bras is less hassle and allows you to manage time efficiently.