Benefits of Installing a Purified Water System

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There are a wealth of tremendous benefits when you install a purified water system, and every responsible, hydrated homeowner needs one. It’s dangerously easy to fall prey to the widespread assumption that your water is always clean and completely safe to drink. No matter whether you’re drinking from a private well or city water, there can be all kinds of nasty contaminants hiding out in your water.

Even if you’re sure that your water is free of contaminants, it can still be polluted with gnarly mineral deposits that eat away at your plumbing and household appliances over time, as well as give you dry and itchy skin. Let’s take a closer look at some specific benefits of having purified water for the entire family.

Safe Drinking Water

Yes, you can count on precious clean water the moment you get a purified water system installed in your home. Without a purified water system, your water quality can be jeopardized by contaminants and chemicals, such as lead and fluoride. You don’t want any of that stuff in your body.

As it turns out, most tap water and well water contain some level of contaminants in their supply. The only way you can ensure that your water quality is top-notch is to get that purified water system installed. If it’s an added measure of reassurance, the usual installation time for a whole house water filtration system is between 1.5-3 hours. That’s not too shabby when it comes to a renovation that’ll ultimately benefit the whole family.

Environmental Benefits

Maybe you’re a homeowner who stocks up on the bottled waters because you’ve already convinced yourself that your home’s tap water is up to no good. Well, you’re only spending more money in the long run when you make that your strategy for keeping the home front hydrated. All those bottles of water are not only eating away at your wallet and contributing toward more plastic waste, but they can contain harmful chemical contaminants that end up seeping into the water. It’s thus always going to be a good choice to opt for the purified water system. You’ll also end up increasing your home’s market value with that welcomed new addition.

Okay, but how will I afford this?

Yes, the good old ever-present and relevant thing called money. We can all get anxious, clammy hands whenever there’s talk about financing large home renovations, but there’s no need. When it comes to financing a purified water system for your home, you won’t be required to dig up a huge pile of money. The typical cost for that new purified water system is somewhere between $1,400 and $2,100.

You have a few solid options for what type of loan you might use to finance that if need be. You can dip into your savings account, and avoid the process of opening up another line of credit. It might feel like a bold move at the time, but your credit score could thank you in the long run. You won’t have to carry the weight of more credit card debt. You can also apply for one of those handy dandy personal loans. As long as your credit score is in check, and you don’t have too many outstanding debts, the personal loan route is a solid option for funding this endeavor.

We’ve touched on some of the most notable benefits you’ll enjoy by getting a purified water system installed. You can’t put a price on the value of your well being. Your body isn’t meant to consume all those nasty contaminants like lead, chlorine, resin, heavy metals, etc. You might not even be aware of what’s swimming around in your water source and ultimately ending up back in your body. The most mindful and proactive way you can invest in your health is to get that water quality where it needs to be with the purified water system home renovation project. You’ve also now learned that it’s not something that’ll break your bank, destroy your credit card score, and bury you under the weight of a thousand personal loans and high-interest rates. It’s a financially feasible, and pleasantly short, renovation project.