7 Things Every Beginner DIYer Needs in Their Garage

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Being the consummate DIY aficionado isn’t just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle. Handling your own home and auto repairs is an excellent way to save money and occupy your free time. But there are many levels of being a DIY hobbyist, and there are various areas of interest you can focus on.

If you’re just getting started on your DIY journey, then you have a lot of stocking up to do. You’ll need different tools depending on what crafts you gravitate toward and how serious you take it. Continue reading to learn what tools every DIY enthusiast needs in their garage.

Basic Car Repair Kit

One of the most valuable DIY skills you can pick up is auto repair. If you learn how to repair your own vehicles, then you can save yourself hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on repairs.

More than likely, the first things you’ll learn how to do to a vehicle are to change your oil, spark plugs, and tires. Your car should come with a spare tire as well as a jack and a tire iron for changing a wheel.

For oil changes, you’ll need ramps that you can pull your car onto to elevate it. You’ll also need a pan to catch your oil and a set of wrenches as well as replacement oil and a filter.

Car Maintenance Kit

You should also stock your garage with products to keep your cars looking new. Washing solvents, interior polish, headlight restoration kits, wax, a car vacuum, and an assortment of rags should all be on hand in your DIY car-detailing kit.

If you own a new car or a classic car with a customized paint job and interior, then you should take care of it yourself rather than letting others. Any sunny Saturday is the perfect day to crank up the tunes in your car and give it a thorough detailing before taking it out for a leisurely spin.

Table Saw

One of the most fundamental power tools that are a must-have in any woodworker’s garage is the table saw. If you plan on working with wood, then your table saw will become one of your favorite tools. It allows you to cut wood quickly and precisely so that you can get work done more efficiently.

Router and Router Table

The router saw is one of the most important woodworking tools there is. It’s used to hollow out areas and is also great for edging pieces as well as adding patterns or designs to them.

You’re going to need a sturdy router table to do your best work—especially when you’re just starting out. You should look for a beginner-level router and the best router table on sites that review power tools. As you become more advanced as a woodworker, you’ll find myriads of ways and reasons to use your router.

Random Orbit Sander

When you begin woodworking, one of the most important skills you need to develop is finishing. Before you can give your pieces a pristine gloss, you have to sand it down so that the wood is level and smooth. The ideal sander for beginner woodworkers is the random orbit sander.

The random motion of the sander keeps it from leaving scratches and patterns on your work. There are different levels of grit for sandpaper, and the type of paper that’s best for your work depends on each individual piece.

People Who Share Your Interest in DIY

DIY hobbies are a great way to bond with the family. Even if your significant other isn’t into making and repairing things, your kids may fall in love with it.

You may see DIY as an opportunity to have some alone time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s always good to have a friend or two with similar interests.

Having a DIY buddy gives you someone to talk to about problems you run into on projects as well as get ideas for future tasks. You could help each other on large projects—and even if you don’t, just talking to someone who shares your interests will help you become sharper and more creative.