6 Birthday Gift Ideas That’ll Top Last Year’s Ideas

It’s hard to come up with unique, meaningful birthday gift ideas each year. The high pressure to make every gift better than the last can be overwhelming. You’ve racked your brain, scoured the internet, signed up for every online shopping newsletter — and you still can’t find anything. However, dig a little deeper before you give up.

You can choose to make your partner’s birthday special with a surprise engagement ring. Or buy diamond jewelry. If a natural diamond is too expensive, pick a synthetic diamond. You could gift a flower subscription or a keepsake in white gold. You could gift experiences like a day at the spa, or a road trip around the United States.

And, there are unusual gifts too. Try niche products like beer soap, whiskey chocolate, or a wine-infused beauty treatment. There are also CBD products to pick from like hemp flowers, oils, and edibles. Read on to see where to start.

A Massage Membership


Massage memberships are the sort of gifts that are perfect for almost anyone. You can choose from couples massages, gift cards and certificates for their favorite treatments, or a customizable package. Pick one that has on-demand and at-home options. Several companies offer the services of top-tier therapists on business days as well as on weekends. Your recipient will appreciate a gift that’s filled with health benefits.

Relaxing CBD Products


What if you could gift someone a solution to pain, anxiety, and acne all in one? Not only does this exist, but it’s also both exciting and beneficial. CBD products can help ease health issues, reduce symptoms of illnesses, and alleviate symptoms of mental health disorders. There are so many advantages that there’s no downside to a gift from the cannabis plant. CBD products do not contain the psychoactive THC of the hemp plant. They are often a better solution for ailments than to use prescription medications.

How do they make exciting gifts? There are just so many options. Products m Ade from the CBD-rich hemp flower now include beverages, lotions, and edibles like chocolates and candies. Do your research before you pick a CBD product. Pick from companies like Try Plain Jane, which have the highest quality hemp flowers and the best CBD strains. While CBD flowers themselves make an excellent gift, you can also pick from CBD oils, salves, body butter, and fun accessories.

A Record Player

If you know someone who loves music, a record player is an excellent gift option. Vintage-style record players are back, and not just for those who already have a record collection. After all, you get the best listening experience on vinyl. The new arrivals also have CD players and Bluetooth settings that allow you to play the highest quality digital recordings. There are also several pocket-sized players, so you don’t need to worry about space when you buy them.

A Lab-Created Diamond Ring


Jewelry may sound like a boring gift. However, if you pick unique jewelry, you can make this gift a special one. And, what’s better than diamond jewelry? It may sound too expensive. However, lab-created diamonds are a cost-effective option. It’s difficult for the naked eye to see the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-created diamond ring.

However, if you’re searching for the perfect piece, lab-made diamonds are a great choice. They’re conflict-free and affordable. If you get them from a well-known company, like Agape Diamonds, they’re also of the highest quality. If you’ve been with your partner long enough to propose, use one of Agape Diamonds’ new products to pop the question on their birthday. Instead of buying whatever diamond engagement ring the jewelry industry has on offer, try to look for custom engagement rings. If a proposal isn’t on the cards, you can still buy diamond jewelry. Pick from earrings, pendants, bracelets, loose diamonds, or lab made diamond rings.

Flowers that Last

Why gift a bouquet when you can gift a subscription? A flower subscription service is a gift that keeps on giving. Pick from a range of beautiful buds, blooms, or plants in various styles and colors. Or, pick a flower-of-the-month option, so your loved one receives a batch on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also choose to gift buds instead of full blooms. This way, your recipient will have flowers to beautify their home for a longer time.

An Engraved Liquor Set


A bottle of alcohol is a standard, boring gift. However, add an engraved bottle and some custom tumblers, and it can be an excellent option. If your budget allows it, you can add in a crystal decanter or a display box for the bottle. Several websites offer engraving services for cheap or expensive bottles of liquor. Watch out for special promotions, as you can often get bottles designed for television shows or popular films.