5 Ways to Keep a Lawn Pristine

a green lawnmower on grass

Those first rays of sunshine after a long, hard winter are usually a welcome sight for most homeowners. However, it’s also the time when the grass and weeds start to grow and it’s time to drag out the lawnmower, weed eater and other yard related tools. For some, this is the best time of the year because they love soaking up that vitamin D while getting out and making their yard the prettiest in the neighborhood.

For other homeowners, it’s more of a chore because they haven’t figured out how to keep their lawn pristine and looking gorgeous. In this article, you’ll find a few ways to help you keep your yard looking great, as the short winter days turn into long summer nights.

Keep The Pet Poop to a Minimum

Whether you have a dog of your own or the neighbor’s dog seems to think your yard is the place to use the bathroom, you don’t want pet poop piling up on your pristine lawn. Not only does it smell to high heaven, but it also gets kicked up by the mower and is super easy for you or your guests to step in when you’re in the yard. If you’re the type who can’t stomach scooping up poop yourself, then you should hire a residential pet waste removal company to scoop outside poop up and get rid of it for you. No one wants to spend the majority of their time cleaning up pet waste, whether it’s your pets or someone else’s pet. Hiring someone to do it for you makes good common and good financial sense wouldn’t you think?

Mow Your Lawn Little but Often

Many homeowners think that the shorter your grass is, the healthier it’ll be, and the better it will look. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, if you want your grass to be healthy, never remove more than a third of the length of your grass when mowing. Cutting the grass too low can weaken it and you’ll end up with dead grass that looks horrible.

Feed Your Lawn

Though you may have been told that you only need to feed your lawn once a year in the spring, you actually should be feeding it four times a year instead. When you actually feed the lawn with the fertilize is determined by where you live. Not only do you need to feed the lawn, but you also need to make sure it’s well-watered during the summer months. Just like you, a lawn needs to be well-hydrated, so don’t forget to set those sprinklers.

Keep Your Tools Sharp

If you want your lawn to be pristine and easy to care for, then the tools you use need to be sharp and in good working order to get the job done. Lawnmower blades, shears, edging blades, and other tools need to be sharpened regularly and replaced when they are worn out and no longer of use. Remember, the better your tools are, the easier your lawn will be to take care of.

Shuffle Things Around in Your Yard

To make sure that your lawn stays green and even all year round, you need to do a reshuffle every now and then. For example, if that birdbath has been sitting in the same spot for years, the grass under it is going to be trampled and dead, never to be green again. Instead, make sure to move objects from one spot to another periodically to ensure your grass grows evenly and is a gorgeous, healthy green, the way you want it to be.

These are just a few of the best tips out there for having a pristine lawn all year round. Remember, working on the yard is one thing, doing it the right way is quite another.