Bedroom Renovation Ideas From Instagram

Ideas From Instagram

Instagram can be a fantastic place to find design inspiration for any room in the home. Whether you’re hoping to upgrade or transform your entire home or are just focused on your bedroom, Instagram is a great place to start when it comes to collecting ideas. If you’re curious about how Instagram, Pinterest, and other forms of social media could help you to visualize your dream bedroom, read on.

Timeless Design Ideas on Instagram


Anyone familiar with Instagram knows all about the stunning filters, staged decor ideas, and what a fabulous visual experience it can be. Many people don’t think to use the platform as a tool for inspiration when it comes to their own lives and homes, though. While it’s not possible to put a filter on your bedroom, you can certainly use Instagram for timeless design inspiration if you’re thinking about making changes in your home.

Start with a search for decor, home decorating, or bedrooms to find bloggers and design experts who post DIY and professional bedroom design tips. Consider following design hashtags, too. Doing so could be your best option for seeing a wide variety of ideas and images that will have you scrambling for the perfect matching pillows for your room.

Storage Tips through Social Media


Most design experts, including those well-known on Instagram, will tell you that storage is key to any good design plan. If you’re someone who enjoys a streamlined look and has a storage facility or are someone who uses US Storage Units just to keep your house organized, this will be of particular importance to you. Don’t stop at decor and design Instagram profiles and feeds. Follow hashtags aimed at storage ideas for your home, too. If you haven’t considered renting a storage unit for your bulkier items that you don’t need on hand, it’s worth looking into. Those extra square feet that a storage facility provides add up to a cleaner-looking bedroom and overall home design. From wicker baskets and bookcases, you could soon find yourself rethinking your self-storage unit and rethinking how you’re using your bedroom space.

Comforts of Home


Bedrooms are our sanctuaries, the places we can shut the world out and get a good night’s sleep. That’s why it’s important to have a great mattress we can depend on. Whether you prefer a Stearns & Foster mattress, memory foam, or a Tempur-pedic, investing in a great new mattress is a perfect way to begin any bedroom upgrade. Believe it or not, Instagram can be a great resource for this, too. Try following bedding and mattress hashtags for ideas on how to make your bed more comfortable, whether you’re a side sleeper or you sleep on your back.

Browsing for Best Options


Instagram alone won’t be enough for your entire bedroom renovation. Blogs, vlogs, and other forms of social media provide how-to tips as well. In the meantime, a great way you can use the inspirational photos on Instagram is to screenshot your favorites and save them in one place. Consider color schemes, style, themes, textures, and more when putting together a bedroom rehab vision board. By compiling the ideas you collect from Instagram and other sources, you’ll be one step closer to the bedroom of your dreams.

When looking for the best options, don’t be afraid to try Google searches for tips, too. Even last year’s most popular design might appeal to you. It’s your bedroom, so there are no wrong answers when it comes to the paint you pick, the mattress and bedding that works for you, and the overall design plan. Draw from your hobbies, lifestyle, and personal interests for a plan that feels right to you.

At the end of the day, no matter where you draw your inspiration from, it’s important that your bedroom feels like home. By considering your interests and hobbies and general lifestyle, you’ll get one step closer to finding the perfect way to store your belongings and make your bedroom a haven you’re proud to retreat to that gives you peace of mind. Happy browsing and have fun with your bedroom renovation!