5 Times to Call a Plumber

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When you own a home, there are plenty of tasks to take care of. While some tasks you can handle on your own, such as mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters, other repairs are better handled by the professionals.

While you might know how to fix a leaky faucet, if you keep putting it off, you’re wasting water and money. Something as simple as a dripping faucet or shower pipe could result in an extra 500 gallons of water use. If you’re not sure when to call a plumber and when to tackle it yourself, here are five times you should pick up the phone and ring a professional.

#1: You’re out of water

If your water has shut off entirely, that’s definitely a sign to call a plumber. Check all the water in your home before calling so you have a good idea of what’s going on. You might find that no hot water is working, but all the cold water is, which could be a sign of problems with the hot water heater.

If there’s no water at all in the house, you might have a more serious issue like a burst water pipe outside the home. A plumber can determine the issue and what you need to do to get water back. Since you need running water to operate your sinks, showers, and toilets, call a professional right away.

#2: Your home is flooding

If your home is filled with water, you’ve likely noticed. You may have seen a water line burst and now you’re panicking. Before you call the plumber, try to shut off the water yourself. Shutting off the water will save you money (don’t pay for wasted water like this) and will prevent your possessions from being water damaged. Look for the cut-off valve near the leak. If you can’t find that, shut off water to the whole house. Better to turn it off and wait for the professionals than to leave your water on and let the property damage grow.

Cheap home insurance can be a huge relief if your home is water damaged. Home and contents insurance can cover damage to your possessions in the event of an emergency like a water line rupture. With the right homeowner’s policy, you can rest assured that your property is covered if anything goes wrong. There are plenty of options for insurance, so compare home and contents insurance with iSelect and find the right one for you.

#3: The sewer line is leaking or broken

Your home’s sewer line is extremely important. If you smell sewage in the home or yard, you may have a leaky line. According to the experts at Streamline Plumbing, issues like this can be easily diagnosed via a video camera inspection. This helps them understand the issue without having to replace the entire line, which can be a huge hassle.

Streamline Plumbing’s amazing customer service make them the best ones to call when you’re having an issue. They’ll find the problem and fix it for a reasonable price. A company like this, with over 25 years of experience, knows how to quickly and efficiently solve any issue you may be having. Don’t wait if you think your sewer line is leaking or broken. Make a quick phone call and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

#4: You’re having drainage issues

Drainage issues could be a sign of a larger problem. If your pipes have frequent trouble draining, it’s worth it to a call a professional to come and take a look. You can fix some blockage yourself, but if you’re finding yourself always bent over the sink or shower drain, it’s time to get a plumber in there to take a look.

#5: The water pressure is lower than normal

Low water pressure might not be an immediate cause for concern. Your faucet or showerhead might just need a simple cleaning. Take the aerator or showerhead off and give it a good rinse. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you could have a broken or leaky pipe. A plumber can check out your home’s plumbing and determine what’s causing the low water pressure.

Water is extremely important to your home, so if you notice a problem, give a professional a call. Having a proper diagnosis and fix can save you a huge amount of time and money.