5 Things Every Aries Needs in Their Bathroom

a bathroom with a stone wall

As the ram of the zodiac, Aries is impulsive, independent, and ready to butt their horns into any challenge that comes their way. These qualities enter every element of their lives, and the bathroom is no exception. With a beautiful new bathroom, you can embrace your sun sign any time you shower, move through your skincare routine, or catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

1. Customization


An Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and they strive to be first in the rest of their lives, too. With that in mind, they need something one-of-a-kind in their living space, including the bathroom. Consider installing a beautiful lux bath or Kohler shower, using luxbath.com to find a custom design that’s perfect for you. Lounging in the tub or singing in the shower, your new luxury bath will have the same high performance you expect from yourself.

2. Options


According to astrology, Aries is undeniably impulsive. With that in mind, it’s crucial that your bathroom offers plenty of opportunities to act on that impulse. Think through some of the products you often use in your bathroom and consider how you can add more options to your daily routine. For example, are you devoted to your skincare routine? You might choose a few different toners, serums, or moisturizers to have an option on hand at all times. If you’re looking for an even bolder opportunity, consider stocking some hair dye in a fiery red or another vivid color—you never know when that urge will strike!

3. Color


Hair dye isn’t the only place Aries needs a pop of color. Your bathroom should stand out with the same sort of brightness you give off, and intense bursts of color can help it do just that. Turn to some bright red linens, for instance, or equally bold bath towels and mats to create a vivid ram-worthy style. For a subtler take on colorful bathroom decor, look for more minor details, like your soap dish or toothbrush holder—you might not be very subtle, but you might live with another sign who is.

4. Warmth


As a fire sign, spice is more than just the variety of life—it’s the basis of all they do. Traditionally, representations of the fire element are created in a literal sense, using candles or torches to start a flame. However, these aren’t the only ways you can add an elemental sign of Aries to your space. Alternatively, you could include incense or even fairy lights as a nod to your place as a fire sign. You might even get creative and have a piece of fire agate or lava stone!

5. Crystals


Like any zodiac sign, Aries is associated with quite a few crystals, including amethyst, aquamarine, and citrine, which are three especially popular options. Alternatively, you might prefer sodalite or lapis lazuli, two others corresponding to your sun sign, or choose another type of crystal that happens to call to you. Sprinkle a few along your windowsill, incorporate a large chunk in your decor, or even invest in a gemstone facial roller! However, you use them, take some time to read up on the crystal you’ve chosen. Chances are, you can incorporate it into your life in more ways than you know.

Whether you’re working through a full bathroom remodel or you’re hoping to add some small personal touches to this oh-so-important room, you might not have realized how many ideas could come from astrology. Nevertheless, knowing that you’re an Aries—or a Libra, a Sagittarius, or another sign entirely—can help you create the bathroom design of your dreams. To customize your tub or shower, bask in candlelight, meditate with your crystals, or dye your hair a bright and fiery shade of red—give into your most exciting impulses and embrace the newly redecorated space that’s made for a ram.