11 Great Cat Breeds That Are Great in the Office

a cat sitting on a desk

Cats are wonderful companions. They are sharp, fun, and independent. Aside from having to clean out the cat litter, kitties are great additions to your office space. Here are some breeds that may be favorable to join in on your everyday grind:

1. American Shorthairs

American Shorthairs have an even temperament and are highly intelligent. These cats are good with both humans and other animals. They are also great with children.

2. Siamese Cats

Siamese cats shed less than other breeds of cats and are known to have a dog-like temperament. They are playful and are often more demanding than other breeds.

3. Ragdolls

Ragdolls like to relax and go limp in your arms when they’re picked up. These felines like to follow people around to seek out affection.

4. American Bobtails

The American Bobtail is an affectionate breed that has a tail half the size of other breeds of cats. If you’re worried about your office pet knocking over important things with their tails, this breed may be the one for you!

5. Persian Cats

Persians are puffy and beautiful. Their coats require brushing and may be harder to maintain than other breeds. But it is well worth it!

6. Bengal Cats

The Bengal is active and independent. Although this cat may not need much attention you may want to latch a leash to its collar and walk them to release some of their energy during the workday.

7. Manxes

Manxes don’t have tails. These cats tend to latch on to one person giving them all of their love. This breed would be good in a smaller office space where there would be only one or two employees.

8. Russian Blues

Russian Blues are quiet, adoring and playful. This less demanding breed is affectionate with all of their human friends and would do well in a large office space.

9. Sphynxes

The sphynx is popular and well known for its shiny coat and wrinkly bodies. This breed seeks the attention of everyone around it and if you’re looking for an office clown, you should consider getting a sphynx!

10. Scottish Folds

Scottish Folds are docile and love affection. These lap cats would love nothing more than to spend the day in your arms.

11. Bombay Cats

Bombays are the friendliest of all breeds. This breed of feline will make friends with anyone that walks through your doors!

Choosing the perfect cat for your office may not come down to the breed that you’ve chosen to bring into your office. Your new furry feline office friend must be chosen for their personality. Visit the kitten or cat and spend at least an hour with them before deciding to bring them into your office. Some cats are timid and shy and may want to hide all day before coming out to visit with their co-workers. Other cats will want to jump on your shoulder and be your best friend from the first minute of meeting you. Choose your friend based on their personalities then bring them into your office environment to share the love.

If you are an entrepreneur who is interested in franchise opportunities, you could brighten your new business endeavor by finding an emotional support animal to bring to your office space. Of course, in order for the office pet scenario to be picturesque, you need to make sure the cat is clean and cared for.

Cats can be both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor cats are more subjected to diseases, so it’s critical to ensure they have the health care they need. Pet insurance lowers your costs when it comes to cat care. Some plans cover the full costs of shots, surgeries, and even shots. Protect your furry friend and get compare pet insurance policies with iSelect today!