Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

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When a summer heatwave hits, you’ll want to make sure your home stays cool. Florida is already suffering from incredibly high temperatures and summer hasn’t even arrived, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll handle the warm weather. Almost 90% of American households have air conditioning units, which is one great way to keep your house cold but not the only way. If you’re looking for tips on maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home this summer, here are a few ideas.

Run the air conditioner only at night

When your house feels like a million degrees, it can be impossible to sleep. You’re sweaty and uncomfortable, tossing and turning on top of the blankets. Unfortunately, the morning won’t provide any relief as temperatures climb again. You and your children can begin to feel exhausted and irritable. Losing sleep can put you at risk of heart disease, car accidents, and weight gain. Your immune system will weaken and you might be constantly plagued by a cold or the flu.

Don’t risk losing sleep and spending your summer exhausted and sick. If you don’t love the idea of using an air conditioner, try only running it at night. You and your family will get a better night’s sleep when the house is cool, and you can tough it out again in the morning. Plus, your AC unit can actually filter the air in the home, so taking advantage of that while you’re sleeping will help everyone stay healthy and happy.

Improve your home’s exterior to benefit the interior

Making a few small changes to the outside of your home could help keep the inside cool. Old windows could have cracks or gaps, which would allow cold air to escape and hot air to enter the home. Have your windows replaced if they’re old or broken. If you have a lot of windows, you may also want to hang heavy and dark curtains. These will keep your house cool and prevent a large amount of unwanted heat. Consider also what the outside of your home is made of.

With aluminium weatherboard cladding, you can have fire-resistant and lightweight materials at your house. You can even have a membrane installed behind the cladding that will eliminate the spread of fire. Though many people associate the risk of fire with colder weather, your air conditioning unit can also start a home fire. The right cladding can stop a fire before you lose your home. You’ll also keep the house cooler by ensuring it’s properly sealed.

Have a cold drink

Most people prefer cold alcoholic beverages, especially over the summer when they feel extremely warm. Having a cold drink can actually make your home feel less hot. Enjoying a few alcoholic drinks (or a few non-alcoholic beverages for the kids) will help lower your internal body temperature and leave you feeling better.

You can also try other ways to lower your temperature, such as applying a cold compress, dressing in cool clothing, and taking the blankets and pillows off the couch. Plus, after a few cocktails, you may forget all about the temperature.

No one wants to be sweating in their own home. If you have air conditioning, try running it only at night so you can sleep better. If you don’t have AC, try implementing a few of these tips to cool off the home. Make sure it’s properly sealed and cover or replace the windows. Grab a cold beverage and do what you can to forget about the summer heat. After all, it’ll be fall before you know it. Enjoy the warm weather while you can.