How Custom Printed Folders Can Give Your Company an Edge

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More than half a million new businesses are created in the United States each year. According to Forbes, about 10 percent fail in their founding year, and about 70 percent more are likely to fold before their fifth year in business. Undoubtedly, businesses of all sizes face many challenges, including marketing and branding.

The good news is that modern marketing tactics afford businesses enough resources to scale their marketing efforts. Using custom printed folders can also be a perfect way for businesses to generate positive ROI. Here are some tips on how custom folders can give your company an edge.

Helps to increase visibility.


Visibility is the basis of all marketing efforts. The general rule is to keep your business within a potential customer’s reach long enough to merit action, thus visiting your website or making a purchase. Several ways exist for businesses to ramp up visibility, but custom-printed folders offer an edge. Like flyers and business cards, Custom printed folders hold significant marketing potential even in today’s fast-paced digital landscape giving your clients tangible marketing results to indulge.

Also, beyond housing important documents for key stakeholders, they can complement your company’s visibility efforts while making your documents durable and serving as an added layer of protection. Companies can also use custom folders as souvenirs to reward clients. The more your clients see your design, the better your visibility results.

Helps to boost sales.

Sales can be a tough nut to crack. What might even be worse is how quickly customers can find alternatives nowadays. It may only take a two-second Google query for you to lose business to your closest competitor. Given this, companies need to create compelling sales pitches now more than ever. It’s not always about sharing important information for your sales offerings, but how you deliver the information matters as well.

Custom folders can be a conduit to serve your sales content in a special way, and you can tweak your custom folder design to your color and fonts. Custom folders also offer your sales department a more sustainable way of pitching, especially in an overly noisy social world where people dispose of content quickly. The last thing you would want is a potential client forgetting your e-mail after a long business day. On the other hand, printed folders are easy to carry and hard to ignore.

Helps improve workforce efficiency.


Efficiency at the workplace takes time and consistent communication efforts. For better clarity about a company’s mission, business leaders can use custom printed folders to hold essential documents like company profiles, mission, and vision statements, which will help bring employees to the same page. Employees can then create tailored strategies and solutions to push your business towards its vision consistently. Custom folders can also be unique reference materials for recruits and placing enough across departments can help with your organization’s onboarding efforts.

Helps improve organizational culture.

Culture is a set of values and traits that bind a workforce. Often, many business leaders refer to intangibles when talking about their culture. While that has been the norm, management experts recommend a more transparent and precise approach to defining an organization’s culture. They argue that business leaders who are more in tune with exactly what they expect to be their culture can better integrate it into daily operations like organizing meetings, interviewing recruits, etc. Custom printed folders can be a great way to visualize your organizational culture. You can have it on the back cover of every folder rather than demanding employees to commit it to memory.

In general, custom folders can help businesses ramp up their marketing and branding efforts. It can work best if your company has experts to design concepts that resonate well with your business community. Alternatively, small businesses and sole proprietors can use the many SaaS graphic design platforms available today to create tailored custom folder templates.