Pampering A Soon To Be Mother

a candle and a vase with flowers

It’s safe to say that pregnant women have the hardest job on the planet. They don’t always get the recognition they deserve, so why not pamper them at every opportunity you can get? Here are some of the best– and easiest– ways to treat the pregnant mother in your life.

A Getaway at the Spa


While it may take a village to raise a child, the mother is on her own until the baby is born. Pregnancy isn’t easy. Pregnant women are growing children inside them, so why not send them on a relaxing getaway to a spa? Chances are their back, legs, and feet hurt, so a Pregnancy Massage can work wonders on their sore, achy bodies. Best of all, there are specific prenatal massages you can choose from that are tailored to help ease the aches and pains of a pregnant body. A professional massage therapist can help pick the perfect routine.

A Pregnancy Keepsake Journal

Pregnancy is all about being sentimental, and a keepsake journal will give the mom-to-be a place to store all her sonograms, doctor’s notes, and other mementos from her pregnancy. She can also track how she’s feeling each day while writing down a list of hopes and dreams she has for her unborn child. This gift is best given right at the start of the pregnancy, so she can one day look back and show her journey with her child.

An Oil Diffuser


The power of scent can be exceptionally healing. No matter if your pregnant friend is feeling stressed needs a pick-me-up, is having headaches, or needs to quell some nausea, there is an essential oil for her. So make sure she’s prepared by gifting an essential oil diffuser and a beginner’s set of oils. She can even bring the diffuser with her when she goes to the hospital to give birth!

A Pregnancy Body Pillow

We all toss and turn throughout the night, but we don’t all have babies growing in our bellies! You can make her slumber that much more restfully by purchasing a pregnancy body pillow that will hug all of her curves in a comfortable position that will make for some great snoozes and eliminate discomfort during the night.

A Weighted Blanket


Like the pregnancy pillow, a weighted blanket will make bedtime something to look forward to. Weighted blankets apply gentle pressure to the body, which eases stress and anxiety as well as slowly lulls you to sleep. With a restless baby rolling around inside of her, mixed with aching joints and limbs, a weighted blanket is a gift that will keep on giving, night after night.

Something Sparkly

Most partners wait to give “push presents” to the mother until after the baby is born, but why wait? Investing in a gorgeous gemstone pendant, ring, or earrings set will not only make her feel special but will make for a keepsake that will remind her of her pregnancy for years to come. You can even pick her out a brilliant engagement ring if you haven’t already.

If you wanted to go the non-traditional route, choose a natural diamond, such as Agape Diamonds. These cruelty-free diamonds are made in the lab, but as the Agape Diamond reviews online show, they have just as much sparkle and shine as a more expensive mined diamond.

An E-reader


With everyone staying inside due to quarantine, there’s no better time to start making your way through your reading list. Encourage a love for reading by gifting an e-reader already loaded with some of your favorite book recommendations, and it’s yet another great way to relax in no time at all.

With these gifts, the pregnant mother in your life will be feeling refreshed, relaxed, and most importantly, loved! What else could she want during this stressful time in her life?