Make Your Bathroom More Than a Functional Space

a bathroom with a tub and sinks

The bathroom is an unusual room in our homes. It must be highly functional, but after that, it can be anything from a haven of escape from the crazy of everyday life to a place you want to escape as soon as possible. If your bathroom isn’t a place you love spending time in, it’s time to make it the oasis you deserve.

Open Up, Declutter, And Go, Minimalist,

Bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms and easily cluttered. By opening it up, you create a space for your mind to relax and give the effect of a much larger space. Just be sure that whatever larger structural changes you make are done by a professional so there are no nasty plumbing surprises at the pre-purchase home inspection should you ever decide to sell.

Start by considering what you could throw away or move elsewhere. Do you need to keep all 35 towels you own in this room at all times? Do you really need a basket with 53 tiny bottles of hotel shampoos and body lotions for guests? Some of these bottles are likely long expired anyway, so get rid of them.

As you design your use of the space, don’t be afraid to leave corners empty and surfaces untouched. If you include a few special pieces, like a pendant light or one piece of artwork with a pop of color, you’ll achieve beauty and visual interest without having to put a plant or a knick-knack on every open space.

Three key things can make your bathroom feel much larger than it is: lighting, color, and fixture choices. The light should be natural rather than white, and neutral, warm colors offer a sense of space and a relaxing ambiance. A frameless shower screen lets you see through a barrier so that it feels larger, while well-placed mirrors can enhance the effect and ergonomically designed fixtures can give you more room to move around.

Cater To All The Senses

To make your bathroom a truly enjoyable space, you must consider the first impression when you open the door. Sight is important, but don’t forget to consider what you feel and smell.

Many people are content if their bathroom simply doesn’t smell actively bad, but it could be so much more. Diffusing scent throughout the space can utterly transform it. For the best scents (and the least possibility of aggravating an allergy), use an oil diffuser and natural essential oils like lavender, pine, or orange.

The bathroom is all about self-care, and that starts with plush comfort under the feet and towels that feel luxurious. Turkish cotton has long been considered the ultimate in towel indulgence, but in general, anything with a high GSM (grams per square meter) count will be soft and absorbent. Thick towels are heavy and don’t dry easily, however, so consider going with bamboo, which is naturally soft, absorbent, and anti-bacterial. 

Your lighting and open design will make the biggest initial visual impression, but there should be something to enjoy looking at throughout a long tub soak. Natural items are particularly relaxing, so consider a well-placed plant, a rustic bamboo towel rack, and a candle with a flickering flame you can enjoy watching.

Don’t Forget The Little Things

In addition to your larger design elements, like the choice of tile, towels, and shower screen, the thought you put into small things can make a big difference. While still keeping space uncluttered, consider including:

  • Bath salts in a stone container or rustic wooden jar
  • A chic wood bathtub caddy tray
  • An illuminated, motion-activated toilet light
  • A waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • A bottle of high-end body lotion

These small touches make the room feel elegant and give you a few special options for self-care.