How to Snag an Interview for an Executive Level Job

Hunting for an executive-level job is a world away from looking for an entry-level position. For entry-level jobs, hiring managers are more concerned with the ability of the applicant to follow orders effectively. When an organization is looking for an executive, however, they’re concerned with finding a candidate who can lead effectively.

Your previous work experience, background, and even your social media accounts will be closely scrutinized. You’re one of many qualified applicants, so you have to get creative to show recruiters why you’re the best person for the job. Continue reading to learn tips that can help you land the executive-level position you’re seeking.

Make yourself visible

If you’re a sports fan, then you’ve likely heard a commentator say that the greatest ability is availability. You want recruiters to know that you’re an available asset and hand-in-glove fit for the company they represent. 

When corporations look to fill vacancies at c-level jobs, they don’t issue press releases or place ads–they go headhunting. As sinister as it may sound, headhunting only means that they proactively seek out the candidates that they’re interested in. You need to be where executive search firms are looking–social media and professional networking websites—to land that dream job. 

If you don’t already have a Linkedin account, then you need to create one-—post haste. If you’re unfamiliar with Linkedin, then just think of it as Facebook for professionals. You can use your profile to highlight your expertise and accomplishments, share your resume, and connect with other professionals. 

There are other websites—like GatedTalent—that specialize at connecting top-level talent with c-level jobs. These sites allow you to create a profile and upload your resume. Some of them even offer webinars and other tools to help you prepare for interviews. Some of them will even sync with your Linkedin profile and help you to optimize it. 

If you want to garner attention from top corporations, then you need to be visible and available. Create and maintain a social media presence that mirrors your professional goals. 

Stay prepared

As an executive, you need to be prepared for the myriad of things that will be thrown your way. You need to display this preparedness at every stage of the interviewing process. 

You may have a friend on Linkedin who works for the company that you’re interested in. If so, tap them as a resource. Get insight into the company while you’re still in the courting phase. You will really impress the hiring manager when you’re able to get specific about what makes you want to join their corporation. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that you stay sharp and ready to prove your aptitude at any time. Using online learning self-assessment exams, you can study and test yourself to make sure that you stay ready for new opportunities. Display your leadership skills by staying ready to exhibit your expertise. 

You should also familiarize yourself with common interview questions. A job interview is like an oral exam where your future hangs on every question. You need to be able to give thoughtful, honest, and concise answers to these questions, so preparedness is crucial to your success. 

Be a leader in your current role

When recruiting executives, corporations are looking for candidates who have demonstrated a capacity for leadership. You can’t wait until you get that executive position to start leading. 

Be a leader in your current employment role. Encourage co-workers if you see them underperforming. Assist others with their projects when you can. Don’t be afraid to innovate or take initiative—executives are expected to be self-driven innovators. 

Be a leader in your community as well. When you use your gifts to better your community and serve others, you show that a leader isn’t just what you are—it’s who you are.