5 Gifts that Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

a man and woman sitting on a blanket in a grassy field

Everybody expresses their love differently, including your partner. Perhaps they prefer spending time together as a couple over receiving gifts. They could also enjoy helping you around the house rather than expressing their love for you through words. Whatever their style is, you can rest assured that they’re showing you their loved one way or the other, and you can reciprocate the feeling in the same way.

The way a person expresses their love towards their loved one can be described as a love language. That same love language can be their preferred way of being shown that they are loved. There are five love languages and they’re as followed—quality time, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Here are some gifts that can match your spouse’s love language.

1. Quality Time


A person whose love language is quality time will want to spend a lot of moments together with their spouse or partner. They will want to be cherished by their partner with their undivided attention and meaningful time together. What better way to honor this love language than to give your partner a luxurious timepiece such as the GMT Master II 16710 by Rolex? This Swiss-made superior watch with its Pepsi-resembling cerachrom design will show them that time flies whenever you’re with them and will help them keep track of all the amazing hours you two spend together being in love.

2. Words of Affirmation

Somebody who appreciates words of affirmation will become ecstatic when their partner suggests they look beautiful, when they use a cute nickname, or when they are praised for their unparalleled cooking skills. Sometimes, we may fail to provide them with the right words that they would love to hear, so it’s up to us to learn which expressions can make them happy in order to maintain the relationship alive. If you’re going through a rough patch due to this inability to properly express yourself towards your partner, you can take part in an intensive couples retreat such as An Affair Of The Heart to learn the ropes and strengthen your bond.

3. Receiving Gifts


If your partner gets uniquely excited about receiving gifts, then all you have to do is pay attention to what their interests are. Notice their hobbies, jewelry, quirks, and collectibles so you can choose something that can complement it. For instance, if they are into art perhaps you can give them that set of premium paint brushes they’ve been talking about for the past month. On the other hand, if they’re into tasting wines from around the world, it’d be a good idea to sign them up for a monthly international wine subscription. This way, they’ll receive gifts every month rather than waiting for a special occasion.

4. Acts of Service

People who speak the love language of acts of service will usually find themselves helping others. Speakers of this language will understand love through services and help from their partners. For example, they may enjoy you taking care of more of the house chores for a change. A perfect gift for this person will be something that can help them take care of these things, like a robot vacuum cleaner that can be scheduled to clean the entire house automatically.

5. Physical Touch


Lastly, if your favorite person enjoys being touched, caressed, and given massages over anything else, then maybe their love language is physical touch. The perfect gift for a person who speaks this love language can be a massage gun so you can give them a massage every other night after a stressful day at work.

Whatever their love language, there are many gifts you can give them to cheer them up.