How Lighting Changes Everything


The lighting in your home can affect your mental, physical, and emotional health. If you’re currently stuck at home and struggling to feel content, you might want to make a few changes. Here are the kinds of lighting you need to fill the house with and why.

Natural Light

Start by making sure your home has plenty of natural light, especially right now when everyone is stuck inside the majority of the day. Open your curtains and raise the blinds. If you’re setting up a home office, choose a room with large windows so you can get lots of natural light throughout the workday.

Good lighting will help you feel more productive and focused. You could even add mirrors to the walls to help the natural light spread throughout the room. Painting the walls a shade of white will also allow the natural light to reflect around your home. Prioritize adding sunlight to your home and you’ll notice the effects.


Sunlight will boost your body’s supply of vitamin D, which strengthens bones and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. Light also helps reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder. Even those who don’t suffer from SAD can become glum when kept inside all day, so make sure you’re allowing sunlight into the home.

Natural light can also help you sleep better and feel more productive. Sunlight can encourage your brain to release serotonin, which helps you feel calmer and less anxious. There’s also the obvious benefit of increased sight. Flooding your house with natural light will bring peace, productivity, and happiness to your home while you browse for high performance engineered plastics for your cabinets.

Fun, Artificial Light

Filling the home with beautiful natural light is a great first step, but what about cloudy days and nighttime? You’ll need to put some artificial light in the house, so keep a few guidelines in mind. Don’t just rely on overhead lighting. That can be cold and uninviting. Make sure each room also has an additional lighting source like a table or floor lamp.

Also consider installing dimmer switches in rooms with overhead lighting, which will allow you to adjust the lighting based on your needs or the time of day. Remember to consider the color of your walls when looking at lighting. All the pendant lights in the world can’t save a room you’ve painted black. You can also consider installing lights that mimic sunlight if your home isn’t exposed to much natural light.


When looking at your home’s lighting, don’t neglect the more fun options. Head over to and check out the fun lighting you can add to the house. Christmas lights add a pop of fun to the room without overwhelming you with light. These lights also have plenty of psychological benefits. Putting them up can remind you of fond, holiday memories. You’ll also be flooded with dopamine which makes you feel happier.

Having these lights up all year long can provide you with a constant rush of good emotions and great vibes. Let your family help you choose new lighting for the house and install it together. Keeping your home well-lit should be a priority when you consider the effects light can have on the body.

Take stock of your home and the lighting you currently have. Is one room darker than another? Is the paint color in the living room causing the entire room to darken? Do what you can to increase natural light in the home and add the appropriate artificial lighting to brighten each space. With great light, you and your family will feel happier and healthier.