Shower Renovation Tips for New Homeowners


The bathroom is the most popular room that homeowners choose to remodel. Working with a smaller space means fewer labor costs. It takes less flooring, paint, cabinets, and countertops to breathe new life into a bathroom. Undertaking a renovation is a great way for new homeowners to add a personal touch to their homes. Remodeling your bathroom is a sizeable investment that can increase your home’s value when done well. Take a look at some tips for a successful bathroom to remodel that will bring your vision to life.

Make your shower the focal point.


Your bathroom needs a focal point or main design feature that draws the eye. The best way to create a focal point is with a luxurious shower. Many homeowners have shifted away from large tubs that are underused and require effort to clean. Changing out the shower door, installing multiple showerheads, and splurging on heated floors are all great ways to enhance your shower.

You can easily create the look of a new shower by installing a new shower door. Shower glass is far more sanitary than traditional shower curtains, which are magnets for bacteria and mold spores. Triple-A Radio presents an insightful buying guide for frameless shower screens. There are several types of glass panel shower enclosures to choose from depending on your shower door needs. Frameless shower doors are a modern way to add the illusion of more space on a budget. The final cost of a custom shower door will depend on the type of glass and the thickness of the glass panel.

Built-in niches are perfect for storage space.


The key to enhancing a smaller space is to increase its functionality. A great way to upgrade your shower is built-in niches to store soap, shampoo, and other shower essentials. Built-in niches won’t take away from the space inside the shower and help keep things tidy. You can install space-savvy shelves that adhere to your existing walls with silicone caulk if your budget doesn’t include a new shower unit.

It’s a good idea for young homeowners to make bathroom renovation plans with the future in mind. It may be just you and your spouse today, but you may have plans to start a family. Having a new baby is expensive, and you have to determine if you will have enough money to support a family. You have to think about diapers, daycare, childcare, college costs, and other unexpected expenses.

Triple-A Radio offers some useful financial preparations for starting a family. Start saving now by creating a financial plan for the upfront costs new parents face. You may need to make lifestyle changes and allocate additional funds from your paycheck to your emergency fund or savings account. Many employers, particularly in the United States, don’t mandate paternity or maternity leave, which is why you should reevaluate your benefits. It’s not uncommon to face surprise medical expenses, so be sure to reevaluate what type of insurance you have. New parents should carry health insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance with an updated beneficiary. It’s always a good idea to sit down with a financial planner who can help you prepare for the joy of becoming a young family.

Update your shower tiles.


You already know that a frameless shower enclosure is an easy way to give your bathroom a modern look. Installing a custom tile wall is a great way to add texture that draws the eye. You can complement your tile work by upgrading your bathroom fixtures. Consider changing the handles, the metal frame of the shower, and the showerhead to a nickel or chrome finish and add some customizable lighting.

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Stick with neutral high-end items.


The important thing to keep in mind with your bathroom renovation is that your tastes may change. One of the best practices of a bathroom renovation is to keep high-end purchases neutral. The more of a blank canvas you create, the easier you can modify or alter your design as trends change. You can easily dress up neutral design elements with accessories, décor, floor coverings, and bold paint colors. Customizable lighting such as crystal chandeliers can add a luxurious, elegant design element without the upscale price tag.

Keep these shower renovation tips in mind as you prepare to transform your bathroom. Taking on a bathroom remodel is a great way to add your personal touch while increasing your property value.