Should You Invest in Signs for Your Business?


If you are proud of your business, you want everyone to know about it. You can’t hide your accomplishments if you want to keep growing and expanding. In the same vein, you can’t hide your building or your branding. One way to shout about your company from the rooftops is with custom signage. Put your corporate logo and brand somewhere everyone can enjoy and recognize.

Think of all the classic signs you know and love. Things like the McDonalds’ Golden Arches or the marquee on your favorite club downtown. You see the signage and instantly know what that shop, brand, or company is offering you. While larger pieces and installers can be an expense, it’s worth it to show off your business. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should definitely invest in signs for your business, big or small.

Help with your branding.

There are so many different companies out there. Chances are, you have some competition in your field. Whether you’re a clothing retailer, medical practice, or fancy restaurant, there are always going to be other companies vying for the same clients and customers you are. Coming up with a fun, innovative brand is the best way to stand out from the crowd. You can do this with custom signage. Big channel letters or a fun fabrication design can help elevate your brand and let people know exactly what you are about from a single source. Consult a sign company that will work with you to create that perfect look for an affordable price. A full-service sign company can take your front office or outside marquee from drab to fab with innovative ways to display your brand and corporate logo.

Direct people where they’re going.

Signs are not only helpful with branding, but they can have practical applications as well. If your practice is located within a multi-level office building, new customers may not know exactly how to find you. With signs on the road or in the building, you can actually give directions. A simple sign with your logo and something like “3rd floor on the right” can help resolve any confusion and be convenient for your guests.

Signs are marketing you don’t have to think about.

With many marketing strategies, you constantly have to keep up with posting or change your email campaigns. A sign is a good investment because it is permanent. Once you invest in custom signage, you can install it and instantly have your marketing handled. Especially if you make your sign something eye-catching and intriguing, people will see it and wonder about your company. It’s a way to draw in more business without even having to think about it on a daily basis.

Grab the attention of people passing by.

Along those same lines, a sign can grab the attention of someone who wasn’t even looking for your services. You spend so much time and money designing a website that gets hits when people Google a product or service that you offer. Sign manufacturing can help you grab potential clients without even trying. If you make your brand look intriguing enough, people will be curious just based on your sign.

Provide a photo opportunity.

A huge trend for marketing in the social media era is user-generated content. These are pictures or posts that individuals will share about your product that you don’t have to pay them for. You can use signs to create photo opportunities to increase this form of content creation. A unique or interactive sign will be a great opportunity for someone to snap a shot and share about your business or your brand.