Home Improvements You Can Enjoy Before Selling

a person sitting on the floor

Home improvement projects are always on the mind of the American homeowner, as evidenced by the fact that we spent $172 billion on home renovations in 2018 alone! It seems that homeowners are always looking to increase the cash value and usability of our homes, especially in the United States.

Home improvement projects can create exciting opportunities for the homeowner looking to increase the value and comfort of their house. Putting money into a project can do both, so renovations can act as both an investment opportunity and as a quality of life upgrade at the same time. If you’d like to enjoy your renovations before selling your upgraded property, consider the following projects.

Replace the flooring.

Old flooring is often a turn off for buyers, and it becomes less comfortable as the pounding of countless steps wears away the spring of a freshly laid carpet. Opting for hardwood in common areas is a great way to improve the energy of your home and your selling price in the future. For kitchens and bathrooms, consider larger tiles to make the space feel more open and light.

Update your kitchen for culinary inspiration.

Building a custom kitchen is the dream of many homeowners across the country. These new installations also fetch a great uptick in pricing when you eventually choose to sell the home and move on to a bigger and better house. Make sure you keep up with the trends in paint and countertops. Select styles can massively increase resale value while other adjustments in color or flooring can actually cut into your bottom line.

Create a vibrant outdoor space.

Building a pergola, awning, or patio is a great way to take full advantage of your home’s natural outdoor areas. Searching for ideas to incorporate a retractable awning Chicago suburbs into your own home is a great way to get started on your outdoor adventure. Building a relaxation center that extends from the kitchen or living room creates the feeling of an expanded space that draws the interior and exterior together seamlessly. Adding curated patio furniture to your front or back yard opens up the entire space of your home and creates a more welcoming feeling for everyone in your family. Once you have the patio settled, you’ll want to be spending a lot of time out there, so don’t forget your stretch jeggings for when the weather begins to turn cooler! A patio is a perfect way to spend evenings with a hot beverage as the sun sets in the cooling autumn and early winter days, and jeggings are the perfect way to look like you’re wearing classy skinny jeans but actually be comfy sipping tea in your pergola.

Add on a den or home office.

Adding extra rooms to the home can act as a great value addition while giving you more room to retreat during the busier times. As we all continue to work from home there is a lot more clutter in our workspace, both physically and mentally. Adding a home office will give you the space to think and focus on your important work-related tasks while also providing a surge in value to the home. Interior space can be reimagined so one man’s office is another’s the third or fourth bedroom. This gives you greater mobility when seeking to sell the home because the additional space can be used in a variety of ways.

Expand your garage space for another car or extra storage.

Expanding the garage from a one to a two-car, or from the room for two up to three can add incredible utility to an otherwise overpacked storage area. As a general rule, we make terrible use of our garages. The addition of another carport for protection from the elements or an open space for your tools can make for a fantastic selling point in the future and a great way to improve the overall flow of your home in the meantime.

Home improvement offers a great opportunity to reenergize your home and create additional value at the same time but chose your projects wisely.