7 Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Home

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Home renovations are a big decision for homeowners. Making major alterations can change the entire essence of your home’s flow, but along with change comes the possibility of renewal and a vibrant new outlook on life. Undertaking renovations can be time-consuming and costly if not properly considered but done right, it can be the best choice you’ve ever made.

1. Skyrocket Resale Value

High-quality renovation projects can massively improve the actual cash value of your home. From a purely fiscal perspective, updates to the kitchen and living room can add tens of thousands of dollars in pure profit on the other end of a home sale. The best part is, renovations don’t have to take months to complete. If you are thinking of selling your home, a few simple upgrades can be completed in a matter of days or weeks, leaving you without the extended work site in your home while increasing the value all the same.

2. Improved Living Conditions

Of course, homeowners want to live in a nice place, it’s not all about profit margins. Tweaks to your house’s energy can also improve the feel of the space while you are living there. A new coat of paint, the addition of a window, or custom-built bookshelves can all transform the homeliness of an older home, giving it a new zest for life that translates into the way you interact with the space itself.

3. Renovate to improve energy efficiency.


Older homes also come with all the troubles that plague aging technology. Leaky windows, suffering insulation, and central heating that has lost its efficiency. Adding new attic insulation, updating the chimney, replacing windows with double glazing to prevent air leaks, and installing thick exterior doors all help keep your dwelling warm in cold climates. Airflow updates during the summer can also reduce trapped moisture and mold growth in the rafters or attic floor. A modern home is one that keeps everyone comfortable and healthy.

4. Lower your home insurance costs.

It’s a simple actuarial problem, older homes cost more to insure. By renovating your home, you can lower the deductible and premiums charged by your insurance company. Aging houses are more prone to fires, are easier to burglarize, and require more routine upkeep, leading to an increased chance of interior damage to both the structure and your belongings inside. Doing a quick home insurance compare search, it becomes obvious that modernizing your home can cut down on huge costs as well as providing you with a more comfortable living space to enjoy.

5. Create more space for your family.

Whether you’re bringing your parents into your home or need to add a room for a growing child, adding space in your home rather than moving is always an attractive option for families grappling with the problem of a ballooning number of people. If you love your home and the area your family has chosen to live in, adding a wing or another bedroom may be just the solution to your space problem instead of picking up and relocating.

6. Add that extra car to the garage.


Adding a garage may also be in the cards for your family. This is especially handy for the winter months in a cold climate. Starting the car inside instead of battling snow and freezing conditions is a welcome change for those getting up before sunrise to commute to the office. As well as that, a garage space adds to your ultimate resale value.

7. Make use of the back yard or front porch.


Finally, renovations that tackle exterior spaces can be just the right change you need to really take full advantage of your home’s space. Adding this escape from the everyday routine of being indoors can liven up a family’s happiness and general wellbeing. Exterior renovations are also typically quicker to remodel by building a concrete or wooden base and then designing the layout from there.

Home renovations can liven up any part of your home, and prepare it for imminent or eventual resale. If done right, it can energize the space and bring a whole new feeling to your relaxation time.