5 Things to Get Straight Before Summer Hits

a man holding a green ball

Summer is a busy time for many families. Vacation time is often squeezed between the family barbecues and outings. Stores also seem to be moving seasonal merchandise months in advance, which is why it’s important to consider your needs and do your seasonal shopping before summer starts.


When children are out of school they have a lot of energy. Pick up some backyard games. Badminton, bean bag toss, ladder ball and frisbee golf can all help keep children and adults active. Have plenty of sunscreen on hand to prevent sunburns. Both rain and extreme heat can be reasons to stay indoors. 

Games like Twister can incorporate some physical activity into indoor play. Buy a bucket of chalk for playing hopscotch on concrete in your basement or garage, or use masking tape to make squares on a carpeted area. Invest in some board games like Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, Apples to Apples and Boggle. Playing games is a great way of spending time together as a family while having fun.

Yard and Pool Security

A backyard swimming pool can be a great way to stay cool and burn energy in the summer, but it is also a safety risk. In the United States, drowning is the fifth-highest cause of accidental deaths. A swimming pool net is a safety essential that prevents animals and children from falling into the pool. You should also make sure that your gate latches properly or consider getting a lock to prevent people from wandering into your yard and falling into the pool. Buy solar lights and place them outside to ensure that people don’t trip on hoses, children’s toys or other items that may be left in the yard. 


It’s also a great idea to stock up on water bottles and make sure they’re easily accessible both at home and in your vehicle. Dehydration is just one of the factors that contribute to the sharp rise in automobile accidents during the summer months. 

Dehydration can cause headaches, which can affect your focus when driving, and muscle cramps, which could put you at risk if you’re swimming. It can also cause fatigue. In serious cases, you may pass out or get heatstroke. Ensuring you drink enough can prevent several health issues. Investing in a couple of reusable water bottles for each member of your family will ensure that they have fluids with them without producing a lot of plastic waste.

Emergency Care

You are more likely to experience an injury during the summer, particularly if you live in a northern state that has a long, cold winter. Hospitals treat a higher number of patients for a variety of issues caused by everything from bicycling to grilling accidents. The number of children treated for injuries in the summer is almost doubled the number treated in the winter. Adult injuries also increase by as much as 30%. Acquiring short term insurance before summer starts will ensure that you are ready for the trauma season and won’t struggle with expensive medical bills if you do have a family emergency.

Pet Supplies

Summer can be a dangerous season for your pets. Dogs are more likely to be exposed to ticks that carry diseases. Fleas thrive in warm temperatures and a flea infestation can lead to serious health problems. Your veterinarian can prescribe monthly flea and tick medicine to protect your pets. Mosquitoes are active in the warm summer months, which increases your pet’s risk of exposure to heartworm. 

Medications are available that prevent heartworm infestation. Like humans, pets are also at risk of dehydration in the summer months. You should ensure you have portable water bowls so you can always keep water handy. Pet cooling mats and bandanas can also help protect them from extreme heat.